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Hi, I'm Jessica B! 

I'm a psychic intuitive Witch living in western Canada in the Lethbridge, Alberta region. 

I've been communicating with spirit since I was 18 years old and have become very attuned to the voices of angels, fairies, and other earthbound spirits. I've been a massage therapist for 10 years but only recently decided to move my practice into the realm of psychic healing and mediumship. I've been so blessed to have the opportunity to begin studying metaphysics under Ellen Mahloy, founder of Reiki with Angels healing modality, and have since joined her team as an assistant and teacher.


I'm only now beginning to offer readings to the public. Because of this, and to celebrate the launch of my new website, I'm offering a limited time discount in order to expand my psychic business. If you're interested in a reading with me, you can either book a session via my website, Instagram, or Facebook or contact me via my email. For in person sessions in the Lethbridge area, I also offer meditation and intuitive massage sessions. I look forward to meeting with you! 

Many blessings


Massage  Services

My massage services are offered to those local to the area. I've been working with soft tissue manipulation for over 10 years and offer the best in therapeutic service. Over the last decade I've been able to master my technique while maintaining a consistent level of comfort and relaxation.
My meditation massage practice focuses on the integration of the body mind connection, where we work together to address any pain or tension present as a cohesive unit. I will guide you through a series of visualizations and breathing techniques that are healing for both the body and the soul. 
My intuitive massage, on the other hand, centers around my communication with the angels. I act as a conduit for divine healing energy so that it may pass through my body and onto my client with the assistance of the heavenly realms. While communicating with the angels, I maintain an energetic connection to my abilities of clairvoyance and clairsentience to gain further information about my clients overall health and well being. 


Psychic Services

My psychic services are simply boiled down into three different time frames. Because I am new to offering my readings to the public, I am offering them at a discounted rate in order to gain more experience and continue to expand my practice. I am most proficient in spirit communication and can talk to guides, angels, fairies, and the deceased. I would love to help you get in touch with your loved ones. 
Please try to come to your appointment with an open mind and heart. It's helpful to write down the questions you would like to ask me before the psychic session so that you have an outline of your intention. Make sure to bring a notebook and pen with you because oftentimes when messages come through that don't resonate, they become significant later on down the road, so I find that writing them down will ensure that you don't miss an important piece of information. 
I look forward to hearing from you. Blessings. 


*I will not try to reach out to a spirit who has been deceased for less than a year*


On this spiritual journey I travel-- I am lost, 

But somehow, I find myself 

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